Separ Water Seperating Fuel Filter

Separ is produced by Lösing Filtertechnik, a well-renowned German manufacturer. Many engine manufacturers include a filter from Separ by default, for example MTU and MAN. Especially the SWK-series have many unique characteristics and are optimized for facilitating retrofitting of existing systems by design.

All products from Separ are manufactured in Germany and go through rigorous testing before they are released to market. In Sweden it is common to find Separ’s filters on boats and ships, which is logical as the unique marine environment often has problems with water polluted fuel. It is a very good investment to buy a proper water separating fuel filter and therefore minimize both risky and costly downtime.

Filters from Separ have many advantages:

– By having outlets on two sides of the filter casing it is possible to mount it edge to edge against the engine room wall.
– As the filter element is mounted vertical inside the casing, it only requires little extra height above the filter.
– A hypertension is created when draining the water from the filter, which automatically cleans the “unclean side” of the filter element.
– Great water separating characteristics due to a unique centrifugal cleaning process of fuel.

Different variants

The SWK-filters from Separ exists in plenty of sizes and variants. There are versions with a metal bowl or transparent bowl in polymer, with water alarm, with pre-heating of fuel, and in a double version for critical applications where downtime cannot be accepted.

Separ produces a large amount of variants of the well-known SWK-series. In the files below you can find both specifications of the most common models, as well as useful information about the filter, for example the process of draining it.

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